The Christian life cannot be lived in isolation.

New City is committed to deep and transformational community life and the backbone of our community life is found in New City Groups. These regional small groups serve as our primary vehicle for spiritual formation, study, prayer, discipleship and mission. They are the place where, as the gospel transforms us and our relationships with each other, we live out the gospel together in community and in service to our neighborhoods and city. We invite you to explore ways to be involved in the New City Community:

New City Groups

Our New City Groups are small gatherings that meet regularly throughout Royal Oak and surrounding communities. They seek to balance these emphases:

Upward-Faced – Loving and Worshipping God
Inward-Faced – Loving and Knowing one another
Outward-Faced – Loving and Serving our neighbors
Future-Faced – Loving and Training our children
Our New City Groups are essential for keeping the church small enough for people to connect relationally between Sundays and local enough for people to exercise their gifts and passions for needs in our neighborhoods and networks.

New City Groups are organized not only around a common geography but also around a shared mission. They cultivate partnerships with others in the community (from business leaders to schools and social service organizations) who love the city and want to make it a better place to live.

New City Groups (8-12 people) meet together weekly or bi-weekly to share a meal and to grow spiritually through the practices of the historic Christian faith: Scripture, prayer, and bearing one another’s burdens. In addition, even smaller groups (2-3) meet together informally for conversation, encouragement and accountability.

New City Groups gather in their respective venues or host homes. You can find information about the times and places for our New City groups on our events and calendar page. If you are new to New City Church, joining one of our New City Groups is the best way to get connected.

Groups will be meeting this fall:


Regular gatherings are held for those interested in joining New City or for those inquiring about membership. We meet for a series of meetings to discuss the vision, values, and beliefs of New City and to spend time getting to know one another better.


Married Couples and families with children will certainly connect with others at New City who are walking through similar seasons of life. At New City, there are many opportunities for couples and families to spend time together in study, prayer, service, and fellowship. New City is not program driven; rather we are relationship driven and put a heavy emphasis upon practicing the Christian life together. This surely involves deep fellowship among husbands and wives and moms and dads as we encourage each other and learn from one another along the difficult buy joyful journey of marriage and family life.
imple: Married couples gather together on select Friday nights to discuss different aspects of marriage and family life. Who knows where the conversation will go, but it’s sure to be a time of honest reflection, encouragement, and renewal. After the marriage talk, couples are encouraged to spend a couple of hours together on the town for a date night.  Childcare will be provided! Check our events and calendar page for more information on upcoming Marriage Nights.
Sunday Suppers: On select Sundays, New City members, friends, and neighbors are invited to join us for a relaxed evening of supper and fellowship.
Family Fun Nights: Every so often, New City families gather for an evening of fellowship and fun. From Summer BBQ’s to Fall festivals and Christmas parties, there will always be a family fun night on the horizon.
The following are a few of the ways couples and families can “do life” together:

New City Groups: This is the primary place where couples and families with children can practice the Christian faith together or learn more about what it means to have a Christian family. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to the New City Group, as we provide


What is a disciple? A disciple is a follower of Jesus who is continually and actively engaged in learning how to live by the grace of God under His rule and authority. Although many have come to associate the term “disciple” with those who are really “serious” about their faith, we believe that every Christian is called to be a disciple of Christ. A disciple is simply someone who is learning how to follow Jesus. It’s not about how far along we are, but who we are following.

What is our vision for discipleship? Our vision is to create a culture of intentional, reproducible, gospel-centered discipleship relationships that promote grace-based personal transformation and growth in spiritual maturity through repentance and faith, so that the people of God, grounded in the Word of God, are equipped for the ministry of God.

Why discipleship? Fundamentally, it is because Jesus commands us: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). We are called to be disciples and to make disciples.

How are disciples made? We believe that disciples are not mass-produced in a program or a classroom through some 6-week or even 30-week program, because it is not information or mastery of content that we are after, but life change. Information, while critical, is not what transforms, so it’s possible for the best-run Christian Education programs to actually inoculate students from true, life-on-life discipleship. Jesus didn’t write a confession or teach a class; He lived with and among His disciples. So our goal in discipleship is life-on- life, and not simply curriculum-on-life. The vehicle is relationship. And that is why our goal is not to create a program, but a culture.

Although we have emphasized the relational aspect of discipleship, there is still a significant teaching-learning component to discipleship. We are called to “make disciples, teaching them to observe” all of Christ’s commands. So, yes, curriculum and doctrine matter. But that doctrine is to be lived out.


New City is committed to the spiritual formation of families and their children. We recognize and embrace the covenantal emphasis of scripture and seek to guard and build up the children of our church by including them in our corporate worship; providing a strong children’s ministry that offers rich Christian education; and creating an environment that serves and ministers to the families and children in our community. We are a future-faced church with a burden for the next generation to know God and to walk with Him. “The promise is for you and your children” (Acts 2:39)

We hold a monthly Kids Night at Royal Oak Middle School. This is a time of Pizza, Games, and Gospel Centered learning for our kids. We encourage our parents to use this time for a ‘date night’. Please see Josh Speyers for more details.

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