Time Sunday Mornings at 10:30am
Location Royal Oak Middle School

  • Don't forget, we will not be packing bags for Greenfield Union this week due to a surplus of bags. Thanks for all your donations and hard work! We will still be having Kids' Night on Friday at 6:00! Hope you're THIS EXCITED!!
  • Marriage Night is THIS FRIDAY! Can't make it by 5:30p? No problem! Here is our itinerary for the night. Come when you can and please register online through the link on our Friday newsletter! We will also accept payment via check on Friday night.
  • #thedetroitproject
  • Working on our Friday newsletter from home today! Pros: slippers, tea, and natural light. Cons: car battery is dead, that dog is taunting me with his basking in the sun ☀️, no access to doughnuts 🍩. If you don't get our Friday newsletter, or have any comments/ways to improve, email liz.chisholm@newcitypc.org! And send me some doughnuts while you're thinking of it!
  • We are running low on pagers for infant and toddler childcare! Please return any you may have accidentally taken home. Thank you!
  • This past Sunday we celebrated our 4th Anniversary with these special memory books! If you didn't grab one, do it! It is amazing to read back on past prayer requests and see how God has worked in the metro Detroit area in a few short years.
  • When you feel like all you can do is pray... Lord, give us wisdom. Give us peace.
  • Just posted our first Instagram story giving a tour of our fb page! 👍🏼 Does anyone else get camera shy and forget how to speak once you're being recorded?? 😬😶
  • Come to one, or come to all! Relationship Renaissance for every stage.
  • Side Aisles!! See you soon!
  • Seating is getting tight! We will now have the side aisles of the auditorium open during services. Feel free to spread out and sit in those sections! Please continue to fill in the front of the auditorium and middle of each seating section in order to serve those who are visiting or who have special needs. See you all tomorrow at 10:30 am!
  • What a privilege to ordain these deacons and elders and commission new deaconesses! We are thankful for these men and women, their hearts for the Lord, and willingness to serve New City!
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